[ Song ] Ballistic Eyes

“Ballistic Eyes” my new single is here  ! Click below and enjoy !… ♫ EStG ♫ Duration 04:45 Music and lyrics by E. St. Germain (c) 2017 E. St. Germain Lyrics : (tv : weather forecast female voice) (tv : politician male voice) (phone : “At the 3rd stroke, it will be 11:43:40”) (phone : […]

[ Song ] Dying Wave

Summer is here and “Dying Wave” my new single is here too ! Click below and enjoy !… I have to tell you that “Dying Wave” will also be the name of the upcoming album (expected before Christmas 2016). I’m working, please wait… 😉 ♫ EStG ♫ Duration 05:06 Music and lyrics by E. St. […]

[ Song ] “Hope”

“Hope” is out ! It’s the last track of upcoming album “Green Times”. Listen online ! Duration 04:46 Music and lyrics by E. St. Germain (c) 2014 E. St. Germain Lyrics : It all begins with the illusion of brightness Rushing headlong into a faint premonition Leashed to a sensation of false beliefs Dozens of decades tied to […]

“Green Times” final track list is set !

The choice is over, folks ! I had about 20 songs to chose from for this album that will at last contain 11 tracks : the day he left (three at the sea) methodic doubt come to the park box 9 smile in the dark tom’s dream hope avant que… migrant run drive me home […]