[ Lyrics ] Hope

It all begins with the illusion of brightness
Rushing headlong into a faint premonition
Leashed to a sensation of false beliefs
Dozens of decades tied to deceptive happiness
And in the blink of an eye gone and melted away
With nothing in our hands but hope

We are just cooped up in a big circular race
Taking comfort from the sound of love
How come that every turn is so scary?
How come that our words are so worthless?
Oh Darling please hold my hand
Tell me a story that ends with a ray of hope

Blinded by fear, worried by our own versatility
We tremble and we fall, get over and relapse
Facing the endless loop is our fate
And we turn we turn we turn around
But at the end the only thing I’ll remember
Is your love that provided the only hope

(c) 2014 Etienne Saint-Germain