[ Lyrics ] In Your Maze

What’s in the archive
But rust and crying eyes
What’s in the mirror
But holes in the concrete

Once I had a name
You used to whisper at night
But who cares, who remembers
If I’m walking in my sleep

What’s in the archive
A comb on the carpet
Pills and rings on the night table
Splintered toys in the attic

In a vision a singing banshee
Looked down at me and I was dying
I don’t lie I don’t sigh
I’m just afraid I might forget her

The house is down, the mourn is on
The final straw, the clumsy clutch
You stare at me as if I am a jinx
Text me your laughs if only you dare

What’s in the archive
ER trips, Korean beers
Sweet words can’t hide the scars
Tattoo my skin, tear down the walls

Call me when you’re down, call me if you need
Cloud me if you don’t, send me down under
I’m just a haze and I’m lost in your maze

(c) 2017 Etienne Saint-Germain