[ Lyrics ] Smile in the Dark

Sitting by the phone
Awaiting your voice
Now I hear you and you talk
I know you’re my future
I know you’re the only choice
And I smile in the dark

Sleeping in your arms
Wrapped around your dreams
I guess it won’t hurt
I guess it’s just what it seems
And I tell you words
Only you can understand
And I smile in the dark

Standing in the rain
Facing the sea
Your hand in mine so strong
Now you’re sure it’s just me
Just hope you are
Just hope just hope
And I smile in the dark

Anyone can perceive this tiny leak in my heart… but me
Transparent bleeding, like an insidious and lethal threat
Dying off from nameless love, caught in a cheery funeral
I lead myself to the never-ending you… just you
And I smile in the dark

(c) E. St. Germain 2014