Drive me Home

from Green Times


  • Drive me Home

Duration 06:14
Music and lyrics by E. St. Germain
(c) 2014 E. St. Germain

On the day of the birth
There were so many hurdles to overcome
So much wind blown in his face
Maybe there was a hand to be sought out
But he did not try and left his proud prevail

How did he deny all these clouds above
Yes he lied pretending the sky was clear
Yes he died a thousand times
Tried to get up again alone
Looking for his way home

Another trip another landing
Once again he came back
From outer worlds from suburban moons
Gate 44 he kissed her and said
Drive me home
Shelter me from pain
Take me to a cotton field
Wrap me up in a world of silence
Drive me home

Now floating over the asphalt
The car is running
Mum’s the only word
Hands on the wheel she feels like dying
It feels like the end of the game
Off into the distance
Drive me to the edge of the world
Let me dive
Let me fall
Leave me alone

Please don’t mind the pills on the floor
Maybe I’ll clean everything later
When my body can move again
For now I’m just a balloon
Swollen from exhaustion
And I’m just wandering in the room
Let me escape
Let me sleep
Free me from disaster