Flower Sisters

from Green Times


  • Flower Sisters

Duration 08:14
Music and lyrics by E. St. Germain
(c) 2014 E. St. Germain

She must be dancing
She must be hoping
She’s watching us be strong and cry
Mostly cry to be honest
For, Angel, since you left
It’s so rainy down here

Standing in the hall
Together as a team
With our looks in the void
There was a song in the air
That said how unfair

She must be singing
She must be talking
She’s watching us hold on
Just trying to stay on the road
For, Angel, we love you
For we remember every little thing

She was our sweet shooting star
From West to South
From Earth to sky

Their heads in their hands
Flower sisters to the ocean

Together and apart
Flower sisters laughing crying praying

Running hand in hand
Flower sisters got lost near the canal

Falling to the ground
Flower sisters exchanged locks of hair

Call me… say this light in the sky is you
Oh tell me… our lives were not just vain
Give me… one chance, one reason to have more dreams
Darling… I hope you know that you’re missing
Caroline… I’m coming