Methodic Doubt

from Green Times


  • Methodic Doubt

Duration 07:41
Music and lyrics by E. St. Germain
(c) 2014 E. St. Germain

Are we chasing friends or foes ?
Are we looking for a truth ?
We scrutinize, we spread our ears
With a methodic doubtful search
And frightened hope
But still we are sleeping alone at night
With a methodic doubtful fear

Skywatcher don’t be afraid of the void
Cos’ you’re one heart, one life, one love
And you’re worth a thousand stars
You’re just a man
But you’re part of the whole thing
You’re more than you think
Since you have this methodic doubt inside

One heart, one life, one love…

So now, precisely alone, walking through the city
With my pockets full of disappeared
I know the kids around won’t play
And the mothers above won’t smile
A glance at the greying walls
A dance for my fading faith
All I have to wave is my methodic doubt