[ Song ] Ballistic Eyes

Ballistic Eyes” my new single is here  !
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β™« EStG β™«

Duration 04:45
Music and lyrics by E. St. Germain
(c) 2017 E. St. Germain

  1. Ballistic Eyes Etienne Saint-Germain 4:45
  • Lyrics :

(tv : weather forecast female voice)
(tv : politician male voice)
(phone : “At the 3rd stroke, it will be 11:43:40”)
(phone : “The person you are calling is not accepting anonymous calls, please redial without withholding your number”)
(phone : “Please hang up”)

Do you ape my stance ?
Do you drive my Benz ?
Does it matter
In this chapter
If I drop the ladder ?

Time to surrender
No love, no murder
Domestic lies
We die
Ballistic eyes

(voice : “How do you feel now ? I… feel a rush… It’s like pins and needles… Like my head is tingling… and like a heavy feeling in my chest… and just like pins and needles all over my body”)

The gold and the green
The love of the unseen
Seoul takes
Seoul gives
Water my skin

Spot on the parquet floor
The void and civil war
Electronic spies
Close your
Ballistic eyes

(voice : “And that’s the problem, John, your brain can’t forget, it remembers everything. I promise myself all the time I’m not gonna do this ag… again today… And by the end of the day… you know… I just couldn’t control it…”)

When she asked if I would kiss her
I kept silent
But when her eyes began to cry
I kept silent
And when she called me on the phone
I kept silent
But when she shot me in the back
I kept silent

Ashes to the sea
Summer to be free
Shall we survive ?
Claim for
More time alive ?

Do you ape my stance ?
Do you drive my Benz ?
Ballistic eyes

(phone : “At the 3rd stroke, it will be 11:44 precisely”)